Our Founders

Billy and Dawn Graff founded this ministry for the simple purpose of giving a helping hand to a community that desperately needed it.

IConnect Outreach was founded in September of 2008, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Seeing the inefficiency and unbearably slow progress of the institutional - or “traditional” rebuilding process, but inspired by the residents' collective spirit and fierce determination to rebuild, Billy and Dawn launched an organization that embraced people where they were, while driving to meet needs at a pace that required unwavering commitment.

 We advocate for those who need our help. Even a little help goes a long way. Since our conception we have accomplished meeting needs of families and entire communities by providing; over a quarter million hours of service, coordinating 1000’s of volunteers, and assisting in the repair of 8 churches, 5 schools, 3 community parks and hundreds of homes.   We strive to impact the lives of people at a time when they need love and encouragement most, by connecting  people and resources to needs.




Our Staff

Connect Outreach is led by a team of skilled and dedicated staff, who are all committed to our mission of bringing real hope to the people and  places that need it most. 


Billy Graff

Josh Graff
Vice President 

Ann Obannion
Family/Community Liaison

Josh Paslick                       
Special Projects                   

Pauleau Patient

Dawn Graff